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Bringing inter-operability to the blockchain sphere

From the creators of, Easylife will be a system of inter-operating blockchains currently being built on top of the Bitshares platform. Easylife will bring next-level advancements to the fields of social media and the gig economy as well as providing powerful yet user-friendly solutions for everyone from content creators to enterprise-level companies. 

EasyLife will be a series of inter-operating blockchains built on top of the Bitshares platform. The EasyDex team has created a means by which we can create a robust, scalable and decentralized infrastructure for blockchains that not only work together but seemlessly integrate into the Bitshares platform which will function as the economic hub of the system. Similarly, the first blockchain in the system, EasySocial will function as the social hub of the system. Each blockchain in the system will take a grass-roots, bottom-up approach to decision making and chain governance with all decisions for each chain being made by the users of that chain through voting on proposals presented to the community. Initially, the EasyLife system will focus on social and other user-created media platforms, gig economy platforms, and systems that will facilitate technical collaboration and business development. Our system will also allow us to integrate features such as a cross-platform p2p encrypted messaging system, chatrooms and conferencing abilities that will promote the building of strong social and community bonds and business relationships. Another key feature of the EasyLife system will be the creation of a marketplace where users from all over the world can trade their goods and services to a global audience.

  • Social Media - The EasyLife system will revolutionize the fields of social and user-created media platforms that will allow content creators to monetize their work while rewarding curators and social interaction without a centralized data-mining authority. In the EasyLife system users will be fairly compensated for their part in the attention economy while maintaining privacy instead of being the product in a data-mining economy.
  • Gig Economy- Through the creation of decentralized applications for things such as ride-sharing, room rentals, handyman and tech support services and many other temporary or one-time job opportunities, EasyLife will connect customers in need with self-employed professionals allowing them to earn money on their own time and their own terms without the need for paying a bloated, centralized corporation.
  • Business & Technical - Applications such as a fast and scalable smart contract platform, blockchain-based code collaboration and repository system, and a world-wide wholesale and retail marketplace combined with encrypted messaging and conferencing features will allow businesses to create exciting advancements and products in all fields and market them to a global audience.

Bitshares Hub

Bitshares will be the economic hub of the EasyLife system. Users will be able to log in to any chain in the EasyLife system using their Bitshares credentials and all tokens earned on the various platforms will be credited to their Bitshares account where they can be traded for any asset on Bitshares.

Peer To Peer Messaging

 We will create P2P messaging system so that users can send messages to each other directly across any of the chains in the system. This function may also blossom eventually to add chatrooms, audio/video calling and conferencing and screen sharing functions. 


 We Will Create Marketplace where users can sell their goods and services to a global audience and receive payment in whatever asset they choose. This feature can become a very powerful retail tool with the integration of PalmPay merchant services. 

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